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Supplying the Aerospace industry for more than 40 years, Merc Aeropsace operates to AS9100 quality standard and hold approvals from some of the biggest names in the industry including BAE Systems, Airbus and Bombardier


Merc Aerospace have been a key part of the defence supply chain for over 40 years, manufacturing orders for components including small arms and support weapons, missile components and military communication parts.


Merc manufacture a comprehensive range of parts for the oil and gas industry, including a wide range of seals, valves and connectors used in various applications including deep hole technologies.


Supporting the Power Generation industry with the manufacture of fuel injection system components for gas turbines, Merc supply a world class customer base with highly toleranced precision machined components in a number of alloys.


Precision Engineering


Merc Aerospace is a world-class precision engineering company with over forty years’ proven expertise in serving the aerospace, defence, petro-chemical and energy industries.

Based in Pendle in Lancashire and employing over 50 staff, we have built a team of highly skilled engineers and associated staff who produce precision parts and assemblies of exceptional quality whilst working to the most demanding of customer specifications in a variety of metals and specialist alloys.

Our sustained growth is rooted in a rolling programme of positive investment in plant and training and a continuous improvement programme, driven by MAFIS, our bespoke ERP/MES Software.

Our quality and service is trusted by many industry leaders; this is backed up by our prestigious prime aerospace approvals from companies including BAE Systems, Airbus, AgustaWestland, GKN and Bombardier.

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